Solving the Unemployment Predicament: Job Search Tips and Internet Help

If you are out of work, or considering changing jobs, then as you probably already have discovered, trying to navigate today’s job market can be more than a little intimidating.

Here are some basic tips and job hunting resources on the internet to help you reach your employment goal:
1. Make sure your phone is working, and you have some way of getting your messages whether you are home or not. (voice mail, answer machine, etc) Use the phone.

2. Have business cards printed with your contact information (phone, email, address, etc), so that contacts you make, including potential employers, can get hold of you.

3. Keep track of everyone you come in contact with that may be a potential job source, or job lead. Write down names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, fax numbers, etc.

4. Stay in contact with your friends and anyone that might be able to help.

5. Make follow up calls. Send thank you notes to those people with whom you have spoken to regarding work, noting whether or not the contact produced a lead, an interview or job offer, etc. What type of follow up action might be required or a good idea? If you have set up an interview, do you need to call back to confirm? Get the names of the people you need to speak to, their position, etc.

6. Spend your time on productive leads. Speak to the people that can do the hiring, or influence those who do the hiring.

7. Make productive use of your internet research. If you don’t have your own internet access at home, check your local public library for free internet access. Two recommended sites to help organize your job hunt online:

Get Vested – Vested is the website based in New York city, specializing in Accounting & Finance. This site is an excellent starting point, with comprehensive information on all aspects of the job search, including discovery of job skills and abilities, career counselling, help in using the internet to search for work, researching companies, links to job contacts, leads, etc.

The Riley Guide ( – The Riley Guide is an absolute compendium of career information and job-hunting resources on the internet. Its primary focus is to assist job seekers in how to use the internet, as the process can be very intimidating without some structure for your research. Areas covered on the website include how to search, job listing sites, help with resumes and cover letters, research, salary information, and much more.

The job hunt can be a very painful process, but with a basic plan of attack, and informative, constructive, and comprehensive job search help, and your own persistence, your efforts will result in finding employment that fits both your interests and skills. Best of luck!